Transmission Access


The Law of 14 April 1975, no. 103 “New regulations regarding radio and television broadcasting” offers organized collective subjects (associations of relevant social, cultural, professional, etc. value, local bodies, ethnic and linguistic groups, religions, political parties, trade unions, etc.)  access to regionally broadcast RAI programmes for communication through self-managed transmissions.
The transmissions are realized autonomously or with the free technical support of the regional RAI offices. The programmes  must be produced in the Italian language.
Access to regional RAI radio and television broadcasts is regulated by Corecom on the basis of the Regulation approved with the decision no. 34 of 9 September 2011.
Corecom examines requests for access, assesses their admissibility and decides the quarterly radio and television transmission schedules, dividing among the admitted subjects the time effectively made available by the regional RAI offices; they also monitor compliance with the commitments assumed by the subjects admitted access, and the execution of the approved quarterly schedules.


Candidate subjects  must submit an application to the Lombardy Regional Committee for Communications – via Fabio Filzi, 22 – 20124 Milan, by one of the following methods: hand delivery with receipt on delivery (Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 12.30); registered post with recorded delivery; fax to +39 026748 2724.
To simplify the drafting of a request a specific application form is provided with relative instructions.

IMPORTANT: Subjects admitted into the classification, who arrange the recording of the message themselves, must provide the audiovisual materials on DVD (no CDROM), or MINIDV, or BETA format 4/3 (not 16/9), and not HD. 
+39 02.6748.2518