Register Of Communications Operators

From 1 January 2010 the maintenance of the ROC was delegated by AGCOM to Corecom Lombardy
1) What is the ROC for?
The REGISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS OPERATORS (ROC) was instituted with Law no. 249 of 1997. It is a full listing of communication operators and is managed according to the provisions of the Regulation approved on the decision of the Communications Guarantee Authority (AGCOM) no. 666/08/CONS, in force since 2 March 2009. The purpose of the ROC is to ensure transparency and public knowledge of the ownership structures, while also permitting application of the rules limiting editorial concentration and pluralism of information.

2) Who should register with the ROC?
Registration with the ROC is a necessary requirement for access to benefits for publishing activities provided for in national legislation and it is obligatory for the following subjects with registered office in Lombardy:
    - network operators;
    - content providers;
    - suppliers of associated interactive services or conditional access services;
    - radio broadcasters;
    - advertising brokers;
    - companies producing and distributing television programmes;
    - national press agencies;
    - publishers of newspapers, periodicals, or magazines;
    - electronic publishers;
    - providers of electronic communication services.

3) Who manages the ROC?
The agreement for the execution of delegated functions regarding communications signed on 16 December 2009 between AGCOM and Corecom  Lombardy delegated to the latter the management of the ROC. Corecom Lombardy, within the ambit of the region, are assigned the tasks of: 

  • conducing the registration procedures, checking subsistence of the required attributes; 
  • updating the Register and managing the numerous details provided by the obligatory members, including for example, company structure, any controlling interests or situations of connection pursuant to art. 2359 I.C.C., or transfers of ownership and subscriptions relevant to compliance with antitrust regulations; 
  • issue of certificates requested by operators attesting their appropriate membership.