Parity of media exposure

Corecom and Parity Of Media Exposure

This concept derives from the Latin expression “par condicio” which means "parity of treatment " or "equal conditions". When this expression is referred to means of communication, it indicates the set of criteria provided for in law and therefore to be adopted by the communication media in order to guarantee parity of treatment and impartiality in relation to all political subjects.
The protection of pluralism is one of the main tasks that the law instituting the Communications Guarantee Authority – AGCOM - (law 249/1997) assigns to the same Authority.
The rules for Parity Of Media Exposure become stricter during the electoral periods, when precise legal regulations apply (Law 28/2000) and on occasions on which the Supervisory Authority for private broadcasters and the Parliamentary Supervisory Commission for the RAI issue special rulings intended to discipline access to means of communication by political subjects and the impartiality of the same.
Parity Of Media Exposure also includes regulation of communications of public administrations (institutional communications) during electoral periods.
Also on a local level, television and radio broadcasters must guarantee pluralism, through parity of treatment, objectivity, impartiality, and equity both in informative programmes and in political communication programmes.
Corecom oversees the local compliance with these principles and derived regulations, including among its institutional responsibilities the supervision of respect for Parity Of Media Exposure on a regional level (including the regional RAI).
Corecom conduct three types of activity:

  • consulting and information, both in relation to radio and television broadcasters and also in relation to political subjects;
  • investigation of reports of violations of Parity Of Media Exposure and the convening of the parties in order to reach an amicable solution;
  • management of the advertising slots reserved by radio and television broadcasters for political subjects for the broadcasting of free self-managed messages (MAG) and the calculation of the refunds due to the broadcasters on the basis of the number of electoral messages effectively broadcast.