Right of rectification (of redress)


What it means
The right of rectification is the faculty by subjects, whose images have been distributed or who have been attributed deeds, thoughts, statements, and declarations, contrary to the truth, by a radio or television channel, to replicate in conditions of parity with the event originating the dispute.
 Corecom, after verification of the validity of a request, orders the broadcaster to issue a rectification; if the same does not comply, Corecom sends the relative documentation to the Communications Guarantee Authority, who may decide the application of sanctions.
Corecom’s competence regarding rectification, delegated by the Communications Guarantee Authority, applies exclusively to the regional radio and television sector. Consequently, Corecom cannot deal with any petitions for rectification regarding the print media sector.
Procedures initiated at Corecom are free of any charges and are completed in extremely short times, such as to ensure the necessary and effectiveness of rectification.

What to do ...
Those considering their moral or material interests to be offended by untruthful transmissions must first send a request for rectification to the broadcaster, who must provide rectification within 48 hours of the date of reception of the request.
Only if the request for rectification is not satisfied by the broadcaster can the offended party submit a petition to Corecom Lombardy.

The petition to Corecom must:
    - include the complete name and address or registered address of the applicant;
    - include all the necessary details in order to precisely identify  the information for which rectification is requested;
    - be signed with a legally authenticated signature;
    - include the attached documentation proving the request sent to the broadcaster and any proof of refusal by the same.
The petition must be sent to “Corecom Lombardy” by post, fax, or e-mail (corecom@consiglio.regione.lombardia.it – fax +39 02.6748.2701 - Via Fabio Filzi 22 – 20124 Milan).