Resolution of TLC disputes

The resolution of disputes 
If an attempt at conciliation – conducted by Corecom Lombardy or other extrajudicial settlement  bodies (for example the Chamber of Commerce, joint conciliation committees) – has a negative outcome or leads to a partial agreement, both parties jointly, or only the service user, may request Corecom Lombardy to resolve the dispute.
The petition for the resolution of a dispute cannot be submitted later than 3 months after the date of conclusion of the first attempt at conciliation, or if one of the parties has already made recourse to a civil judge regarding the same dispute.

Parties that presented a petition for conciliation but do not participate in the relative procedures are not entitled to request the resolution of the dispute, save the right to seek satisfaction through legal procedures.
Corecom is not competent to decide regarding requests for compensation for damage; however, the parties may request satisfaction in court even after recourse to the resolution procedure.