Local broadcaster subsidies


Every year the Ministry of Communications issues a specific call for subsidy applications stipulating the rules for concession of subsidies to local television broadcasters provided for in art. 45, par. 3, of law 448/98.
The call for applications is issued pursuant to Min. decree 292/2004 "Regulations stipulating new norms for the concession to local television broadcasters of the benefits provided for in article 45, par. 3, of the Law of 23 December 1998, no. 448, and subsequent amendments and integrations".

Regulation 292/2004, in establishing that 1/5 of the subsidies be divided in equal parts between all eligible applicants, foresees that 4/5 of the subsidies are attributed on the basis of regional classifications which include, from the year 2005, 37% of the classified bodies, rounded up to the next whole number.                                                                                                                                                                                        

The classifications are established taking into account the number of employees in the previous year and the average turnover over the last three years. The resulting figures (established on the basis of the scores defined in the Regulations) are processed according to a predefined formula.

Corecom have the task of certifying the satisfaction of all requirements and to establish a classification of local TV broadcasters who have applied for subsidies.

The activities conducted by CORECOM include:

  • collection of requests for subsidies;
  • investigations to establish the satisfaction of requirements, with verification of the figures for personnel and turnover, and analysis of the company financial statements;
  • preparation of the classification for the assignment of subsidies, through the adoption of a specific ruling;
  • publication of the classification, informing the Ministry of Economic Development/Communications (within thirty days of approval), and the broadcasters who submitted applications for subsidies.