Consulting activity


The functions of Corecom include a consulting and advisory component through which the body supports both the Regional Council and Board. This function consists, firstly, in the formulation of proposals and opinions regarding Regional initiatives and interventions, in particular about the rules and regulations governing communications. Secondly, detailed investigations are made into the various issues relevant to the communications sector, realized through studies, research, monitoring, also in collaboration with other public and private subjects, aimed at establishing a knowledge base of communications systems, to be made available to institutional decision makers.
In particular, regarding the consulting and advisory activities in the strict sense, Corecom:


  • formulates opinions on the national plan scheme for assigning and dividing up frequencies, also regarding user basins and location of the relative installations; 
  • expresses opinions in response to the measures adopted by the Region in order to implement concessions in favour of radio and television transmitters, local publishing and communications companies, operating in the region;
  • expresses opinions on the programme plans drafted by the licensee of the public radio and television service;
  • formulates proposals and expresses opinions about the forms of collaboration between public radio and the television service licensee within the cultural and information context of the region;
  • formulates proposals for the public radio and television service licensee and for private licensees regarding radio and television programming for transmission on a national and local level;
  • formulates proposals for the protection of minors within the radio and television sector.

As regards research and investigative activities, Corecom:


  • prepares analyses and studies to support the drafting of regional regulatory proposals disciplining communications;
  • conducts studies and reviews of the socio-economic organization of companies operating in communications on a regional level and the resulting implications on the market;
  • may conduct investigations into the media present on a regional level with particular reference to indexes of notoriety, listening, and reading.